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Gaited Horses For Endurance

Patricia Chase (ponies@foothills.eznet.com)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 12:22:58 -0800

Dear Kathleen,
I saw your letter on the endurance list and your interest in gaited horses
led me to write. I have no idea where you live, or whether this would be
practical or not, but I have a gorgeous golden palomino Paso Fino stallion
at stud in eastern Washington. The Paso Fino posesses the stamina and
toughness of the Spanish Barb with a smooth 4-beat gait and docile
disposition. My 12 year old gelding, Lobo de Amanecer, earned his first
1000 mile medallion last year, carrying a heavyweight (and partially
disabled) rider over some pretty big hills, so there is no doubt in my mind
that this breed can do endurance!

Palomilo De Vez is a son of the imported Colombian Top Ten Sire, Coral LaCE.
I feel he is strongly gaited enough to throw gait when bred to an Arab,
particularly if the mare happened to be from one of the bloodlines that tend
to gait. Also, calm and willing disposition and intelligence are very
prepotent in his family line, so while I cannot guarantee that a foal from a
non-gaited mare would gait, I am certain that he will produce offspring with
soundness, elegance and trainable disposition.

I also have a coming 2-year old filly and a yearling colt for sale, both
sired by my older stallion, Bobby, a former national champion. both are red
chestnuts, with blazes and socks, well gaited and handled since birth. The
filly wil mature at around 15 hands, and is very stout with good bone. The
colt is more refined, and will probably be at least 14.2 hands at maturity,
perhaps 14.3. I am asking $3500 for the filly, and $2000 for the colt, with
a gelding agreement.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in the selection of your
next horse.
Patty and The Roan

Rainbow Paso Fino Ranch
4331 Garden Spot Rd.
Clayton, WA 99110

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