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Annette(Rocky Mtn. Horses)

casey,rich,kat (OutWestPosse@msn.com)
Mon, 10 Mar 97 13:58:37 UT


My next horse will definately be a gaite horse. I will either breed my Arab to
one or will buy one. Probably the latter.

I am very interested in Rocky Mtn. Gaited horses...could you please send me
some info...(prices.......maybe what you have)

The young arab mare I have is VERY smooth for an arab.Very. But I sure have
ridden some rough ones, and it is hard on my body. But, I love the Arab
tempermant and beauty. Of course I know I'm not ridding for looks here.

I have a real nice 2 year old gelding out of endurance stock....and when the
time is right to start riding him....if he's as rough as some of the others
I've had...I'll sell him . Although his conformation is such that he looks
fairly smooth, after this mare I want REAL smooth. Spoiled and sore, that's


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