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New Region

Jackie Bumgardner (jbumgard@ridgecrest.ca.us)
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 18:10:46 -0800

As many of you know at the last AERC Board Meeting, the Southwest Region
was split into two regions. The Southwest Region is now Arizona, New
Mexico and I believe some of Texas. The New Region will consist of
Southern California, Southern Nevada and Hawaii. We need a name for our
new region. Some suggestions have been Pacific Region, Southern Pacific
Region, Pacific South...
If you have any ideas please send them on to me via e-mail, phone
619-375-8915 or FAX 619-371-3097. We would like to vote on a name at the
Geo Bun Buster Ride on March 15. Kim Fuess has also said that she is
working on a web page for the new region that would list rides, clinics,
stalliions standing in the region and just about anyting else that we want
there. She can use your suggestions. We would like to have a meeting
prior to the ride meeting at the Geo Bun Buster. The region meeting would
be at 6PM and the Ride Meeting at 6:30 PM. Ride Managers and all interested
parties are urged to attend. Please pass this information on to your
friends who may not be on the list. Thanks, Jackie B.

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