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New Oct SW ride

Jim Mitchell (navion@lsbsdi2.lightspeed.net)
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 20:21:58 -0800

New ride in the Southwest.

We have obtained a positive response from the BLM on the site for a new SW ride for
next October. The BLM is now in the process of an environmental assessment of our
campsite and route. We will not sanction the ride until our trail is finalized and I can
measure the trail we will use. I don't want to sanction the wrong distance. But for
future planning here is the info so far.

Date: October 25, 1997
Tentative Name: Carrizo Plains Ride
Location: Southeast Carrizo Plains. 1 hour SW of Bakersfield. Nearest small town,
Distances: 25 to 35 mile LD and a 50 to 55 mile endurance ride
Terrain: Gentle rolling, some flat, about 5000 feet of climbing total, 95% 8 ft wide
dirt roads, 5% single track trail
Footing: Good with minimal rock. Could be slippery in the rain.
Ride contacts: Jim Mitchell 805-872-3492 Marci Cunningham 805-324-7376

Mike, could you add this to the list, and Randy, here is an update on our progress.

The ride will be two loops and takes place over part of the Carrizo Plain Natural
Area. The BLM describes this area as "An Endangered Species Management Showcase" in
their colorful brochures. The San Andreas fault runs through the area and the north
mountain range is called the Tremblors from both the Native Americans and the Spanish
that came later.(Wonder why) I think one of the largest pictograph rock outcroppings in
California occurs here. Although we will not be riding by it, it is impressive to go
visit. Any other questions E mail me.


Jim Mitchell
Bakersfield, Ca.

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