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Wanted ~ "Tevis Ready horses"

Larry Suddjian (wstf@foothill.net)
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 19:48:07 -0800

Do you have "TEVIS READY" horses or do you want to help potential riders
from foreign countries?

As the Ride gets closer, we get questions from all over the world (and
sometimes the U. S. A.) asking if there are people that might have
horses available for the 43rd Anniversary of the Tevis Cup 100 Miles One
Day Ride set for July 19, 1997. Some of the inquires also ask if there
are people that would want to be an "advisor" to a potential rider of
the Ride ... a coach to help plan their experience.

If you would like to submit you name for distribution to the many
inquires we get, please drop a note (e-mail acceptable) to our office.
We will try to put you in touch with the requestor. We can't guarantee
anything, but we sure "aim to please".

Be sure to check our web site at http://www.foothill.net/tevis
(set up by our WebMaster Richard Goodwin who has a "site" at
http://www.foothill.net/natalies )

Send your qualifications about available horses or desire to be an
"advisor" to:

701 High Street, Suite 228-C
Auburn, CA 95603
916/823-7282 or FAX: 916/823-7901

We offer this coordination service as an effort to help all the foreign
riders that want to ride the finest trail in the world and we do not
expect anything in return except for ALL to have a GREAT time and
unforgetable experience.

See you all on July 19, 1997 (or at the Fun Ride II on April 26, 1997
... request an entry reservation as this Fun Ride fills up fast)

Larry Suddjian, Ride Director

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