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Ride descriptions & Prices

Thu, 06 Mar 97 15:20:44 CST

As a ride manager I really appreciate objective evaluations of my ride.
If a rider has a real concern about some aspect of a ride PLEASE inform
the ride manager personally. There are some things about my ride I will
try to improve for next year, some things are beyond my control. It would
tend to upset me if a problem I knew nothing about was suddenly on public
display to potential riders. These descriptions can be a very valuable tool
if we all use objective observations.
As a rider I attended a ride last year where some things went terribly wrong.
Some was beyond anyone's control. Some can be avoided in the future. We had a
long talk with the ride manager afterward so hopefully these problems will
not become chronic.
Managing a ride is an awesome responsibility. It is YOUR RIDE. YOU KNOW
the trail. Riders should not have to guess where they're supposed to go.
They should be able to assume a relative degree of safety in following the
trail markings.
Although it is to find ride managers, I can't help but feel that
taking responsibility for problems and handling the flank is part of the
territory. So is trying to cool unjustified temper tantrums. (And knowing
what complaints are justified). Some people just aren't cut out to handle
such situations, so perhaps they shouldn't BE managing rides.
Since my heat shield is firmly in place, might as well give my .02 on horse
Yes, bargains can always be found, at auctions or in the local paper, etc. I
purchased my first endurance prospect for the grand sum of $300. For
whatever reason these horses haven't found their proper niche in life. Their
health care (esp. deworming) has probably been sketchy at best. We all do the
best we can with our resources. Many of these horses have excellent potential.
But you must understand what an INSULT it is to a breeder not to be willing
to offer enough to cover their COST of raising a horse to a year or two of
age, taking the best possible care of it. Since we have been discussing the
careful selection necessary to breed for correct conformation, it is ironic
that the breeders can be chastised for poor choices, then expected to sell
their product below cost.
Nancy Mitts.

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