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Re: measuring lactate

Ramey Peticolas-Stroud (ramey@wvi.com)
Wed, 05 Mar 1997 09:04:49 +0000

The measuring device you refer to was designed for humans. The
manufacturer is in Europe and wants to enter the American market.
However, due to USFDA testing requirements distribution has been limited
to testing environments.

The calibration strips work with horses as does venous blood. System
tests were done by taking two blood samples after a standard exercise
test on a high speed treadmill. One went to the lab next door and the
other to the handheld. The results were close enough to be considered

As to field use, interpretation of the data is the tough part. There
are no widely accepted endurance scales that say go or no go, or
something in between. It is still up to the rider to know her horse and
the lactate data are only one small part of the evaluation process.

One last thought, pulling blood at a race is potentially bad news. The
image of a needle in the neck is not wholesome eventhough the motives
are. If we want blood sample during rides, we ALWAYS ask the ride vets
in advance if they are willing to pull the samples at vet checks. WE

If the vets will assist us, we have the syringe and purple/red/grey tops
in a closed baggie which is handed to the vet after the full vet check
exam is complete. Again, if there's a line of horses, we pass on
taking the sample so as to not impede other riders.

Hope this addresses your question.


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