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L Eisele (nevadaghostridr@webtv.net)
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 08:11:46 -0800

Just want to let everyone know the book, Beating muscle injuries in
horses, by Jack Meagher is great and along with the help of Ramey, Susan
Evans and Jim Pascu, I have been able to find the sore spots on my horse
and now when I go out to massage them, my horse is estactic. He knows
when I go out to do it and comes running over for his treatment.

The book has good pictures or diagrams showing the muscles and release
spots. Well worth the money. Thanks, Ramey, Susan and Jim.

Also awhile back someone asked me, and can't remember who, if this webtv
is as good or as fast as they advertise. After we got the connections
right going to out tv and phone, it is great and super fast. We could
not get the internet on our computer and is an answer for computer
access problems. Linda

Linda Eisele & Sareei and
hubby, Allen and the General nevadaghostridr@webtv.net

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