ridecamp@endurance.net: Somedays make me wonder!!!(gets to endurance eventually)

Somedays make me wonder!!!(gets to endurance eventually)

Cheryl Newbanks (horsetrails@inficad.com)
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 12:08:01 -0700 (MST)

Hi all,

did you ever have one of those days when you wonder, what the HECK?!

I should of looked outside and said day off, it was windy but that never
bothered Jihad before so I went for it. But, then I decided that I would
try a different saddle on him because the one I am borrowing is a little to
small for me. First he spooked while I brushing him, HE NEVER DOES THAT, he
is very good on the ground, right then I should of got a clue, but
nooooooooo! So then I do our little ground work routine that he loves,
circle game, disengage the rear, squeeze game and go to put the different
saddle on him. He has been messing with me when I saddle him lately,
testing out standing still, he usually has to play the back up game then he
will stand. i still don't saddle him hitched to the post, I hold the 12'
lead line, he was o.k. his usual well o.k. self. The minute I asked him to
walk he went rodeo on me!! Bucking and running off, ran into my daughters
horse who was standing tied, knocked him down they both took off and then
Jihad checked back in stopped turned to me and waited till I got him. GEEZ!
ouch, I messed up 3 fingers, but still rode him:} Plus the busted blood
vessel in my foot, this is not a sport for wimps!!! Soooo, I got the other
saddle that is now only little <vbg> to small for me and put it on him, no
problem, circle game and stuff and rode off???!

The point is Jihad is VERY saddle sensitive, why I can't figure. I checked
the different never worn saddle over and it was perfect. It felt like it
fit him better too, the wider tree. The only thing I noticed different is
the way the skirts are sewn together behind with leather, and his other ones
aren't. I can't put my Big Horn Endurance saddle on him either, he freaks,
it is a semi quarter horse tree. The only kind of saddle I can use on him
is the Big Horn Western full quarter horse bars. I've borrowed two now and
he is o.k. with this saddle. I want to get him a Marciante and Frank says
that his saddle is the saddle that Big Horn copied their endurance model
after. Only I can order the wider tree. Butttttt, what if I pay all that
money for a custom saddle and it freaks him out? This is the only thing
left that will push him panic button. I really didn't expect that today
since he's been so good for the past 2 months and coming along nicely.
We've been on the trails 5 days a week, he is reining wonderfully, and
rarely spooks at anything. It dosen't fit hi MO on his personality type at

So now I am worried about getting him a saddle he freaks out on. What do
you think group? My saddle preferences are Marciante, but I'd sure like to
try one on him before I buy it. He has no sores or shows any tenderness on
palpitation and is perfectly sound in every way. He is a very wide arab,
short backed. Has a table top back and is NOT higher behind then in the
front but is mutton withered. Many saddles pinch him behind his shoulders.

Cheryl Newbanks
~~^** Just In Time Ranch
~~}_ _~~ /\| Buckeye, AZ
( )__, ) ~ horsetrails@inficad.com
// \\
\\ //
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My advice is to beg, borrow, or steal a Sport Saddle to try.


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