ridecamp@endurance.net: Fainting/Collapse


Mon, 3 Mar 1997 23:25:54 -0500 (EST)


Dear Rebecca;

>From the first day I got "Cody", a TB grey gelding, when tying him up, or
grooming him, he would "fall asleep" and go down with his knees buckling. I
asked my vet about this, he said "well, be happy, at least he's not rearing
up when you're tacking him, or he's standing". I quickly learned to not tie
him too tight, as when he woke up, he would leap a bit, as he was

This has been going on now for a year. We all thought it was "cute" how Cody
would "go to sleep" when he was either just standing, or being tacked up". It
was predicatable. Friends would gather around and watch as he did his thing.

Two days ago, while on trail, Cody went down with me on him. We had been on
trail for about 45 minutes. He is a very athletic horse. But, on the
declining slope, he went down. Luckily, he recovered just in time. My chin,
barely missed the saddle horn!

I got off of him, my knees were wobbiling! He had never done that before. It
wasn't a trip...he went down.

This morning, I went to turn him out. He was a little lathargic, (please
forgive any spelling errors), I kidded him and said come on big guy, let's go
out and play. I took him to the turn out-very close to his stall, and took
off his halter. He went down to roll, something he really loves to do, only,
when he went down, he started to get up, then...he just laid there for a
minute. I had a friend nearby, I said to her, look at Cody, he's enjoying the
day so much, he's just comfortable enough to just lay there. Then, his eyes
rolled back in his head, his tongue rolled out, and he lost all control of
his limbs. He convulsed and seizured for over 60 seconds.

I truly did not know what to do. When he got up, he ran around and around and
around. For over 45 minutes, he would not come to me (very unusual) and
seemed very agitated. He worked himself up into quite a sweat.

I have been looking and looking through vet books all day, my vet is stumped.
I've only had him for about a year and don't know his previous medical
history, he is about 14.

My vet told me to absolutely not ride him. After what happened on Saturday,
I'm not going to. I love this horse Sooooooo much. I've been crying for
hours. I also had a friend who had to put her horse down last week, so that's
a little close to home too.


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