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need advice/non endurance related

Cheryl Newbanks (horsetrails@inficad.com)
Sun, 2 Mar 1997 12:53:04 -0700 (MST)

Sorry not endurance related but, this forum has some of the most astute
horse people I've ever met so I need to ask this here. Please post private
email. Here goes; this week I had two quarter horses shipped to my place to
board. The owners don't get time to ride much and they need someone to
board and ride their horses so I lucked out. One is a 12 year old paint
mare who all the owners kids learned to ride on. The only problem that she
has is a big one! You can't touch her back feet, pick them up or anything
without getting hurt bad. They tranquilize her to shoe her and most shoers
won't shoe her. You can pick up her front feet, ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE. My
shoer whom I think the world of said he shoed her once and they had her so
heavily tranqed that he was surprized she was still standing, but she kicked
him so fast he never saw her feet fly! Then he proceeded to tell me about 5
times, "Cheryl you NEVER need to pick up her feet, ever." Over and over
again. Now this is not a wimpy blacksmith so I really believe him that she
is that bad.

I plan on shoeing her in the front only and keeping her barefoot behind. We
have mostly sand around here and only sand on the ranch. The kids won't be
riding her that much either. My question is what types of methods would you
all use to help her get over this problem she has? Right now her feet are
so grown out that they are close to curling up at the ends. Lucky for me
I've never run across this type of extreme shoeing problem. On the track we
are in the blacksmith shop constantly and they all do pretty good. Plus we
get them as babies and babies are pretty easy to teach to pick their feet
up. This horse somewhere along the way must of had a really bad shoeing
experience. The funny thing is in every other way this horse is a baby
sitter, dosen't kick when you are walking around her, dosen't spook, dosen't
have any bad habits and is a sweetheart personality. The shoeing thing
dosen't fit her M.O.

Thanks all looking forward to your replies.

Cheryl Newbanks
~~^** Just In Time Ranch
~~}_ _~~ /\| Buckeye, AZ
( )__, ) ~ horsetrails@inficad.com
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