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<< Hi-

I am a firt time reader or the ridecamp@endurance. net and I saw your
( mmoore@incnet.net ) letter
about wanting to move to the SW.

Well..... I live in Arizona,I have traveled all around the state and
states. i would love to help you in any way possible. All you have to do is
ask me!!!

If you like the heat....100-115 degrees phoenix is the place to live. There
is no snow in the winter, does rain some and there is alot of horse
avalible. If you like 80-90 degree temp. Flagstaff or Camp Verde or
around there is the place to go. The land in Flagstaff is pretty expensive
but there are alot of trails for endurance and the high elevation helps a

Well..... you might already know all this so I'll shut up for now!!!!!!!
Also, maybe you could help me...... I am VERY new to endurance, I am a
Dressage rider but my arab just HATES dressage. He is good at it but he
it so I am going to do endurance on him!! I have been reading and talking to
others but I still not sure about a saddle. Doy ou have any ideas about a
GOOD endurance saddle. I plan to do 100 miles someday and don't want to
change my saddle. If you have any ideas or ipions I will greatly appreciate

Thanks again and I hope I will be able to help you!!! Also, I was unable to
send you this as an E-Mail so if you would like to chat MMoore please E-Mail

Johnna Robb
( Olympian06@aol.com )

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