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Hair Loss

Lauren Horn (fourhorn@mail.fia.net)
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 22:10:53 -0800

Help - You all know that I just got a new horse and things are going
great EXCEPT she is losing her hair. Not just shedding but losing her
hair around her eyes, muzzle, base of ears, girth area under the elbows,
under her tail and surrounding buttocks and between her rear legs. It is
just smooth black skin in these areas. She is also shedding her winter
coat, although today I am afraid it may be much more then her winter
coat. Areas on her shoulder and hip are starting to look real thin.

The vet came out today and said it could be anything: allergies,
parasites, fungus, stress. He took a blood sample to rule out a thyroid
problem, gave her an immune booster shot and told me to bath her with
tar/sulfer shampoo and then use CAPAN as a dry-on rinse and take it real
easy on her. In one week he will reaccess her condition.

I've had her 3 weeks now and this started about 2 weeks ago with hair
loss under one eye. I thought it was caused by her tearing which I
contributed to the dust. It is hard to rule things out as I just got her
and everything for her has changed; Environment, Climate change, food,
bedding, starting to be ridden etc... I am praying this is just stress
and will go away.

She was not cared for very well before and she had a thin dull coat but
now she is getting proper nutrition, although she still has the thin
dull coat.

Has anyone experienced this? She is a chestnut Arab. Is there another
source on the internet that may have good resources that I could
contact? It seems I never pay attention to anything untill I NEED TO and
now I want to know EVERYTHING I can to help her.

Lauren and Kyla

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