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saddle pads

Laney Humphrey (laneyh@mbay.net)
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 10:00:32 -0800

Hi all! I've been lurking since the holidays. Now I have a saddle pad
problem that I'm sure someone out there has a solution for. My saddle fits
my horse perfectly except...his shoulders are uneven so he torques from the
left front to the right rear when he moves. This causes the saddle pad to
shift in the same direction. He also has rubbed spots over his loins under
the ends of the panels.
The pad I am using is 3/4 inch felt. I'm looking for a substitute
that even if it shifts won't cause rubs (He is about to start shedding and I
think the felt just grabbed the sort of loose hair and pulled it out!). I'm
going to experiment this weekend with making an underpad of polarfleece but
I fear that it will slip and bunch. I don't need or want a pad thicker than
about an inch (compressed that is, it can start out thicker if it is fluffy).
Happy trails,

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