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Betreft: Lame Horse (Need Advice)

Hanneke van Scheltinga 070-3792187 (J.M.C.VAN.SCHELTINGA@kab.agro.nl)
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 09:49:03 +0000 (MED)

>>From: nitram@gv.net (Chris Martin)
>>To: ridecamp@endurance.net
>>Subject: Lame Horse (Need Advice)
>>My Arab is 12 year old Alpha mare who has been on a conditioning program
>>since July. She has come along way and is looking real good. About five
>>weeks ago she would come up with her left front like she was going into a
>>canter and then skip, this was at a trot. As I recall she only did it a
>>couple of times during the ride. Felt like she had stepped on a sharp rock
>>or something. At the time we were on a country road with mine rock as a
>>base. On each succesive ride she would do it more and more. It was usually
>>on the road, at the time I thought it was the rocks. A week later I had her
>>shod again and this time he put full pads on her. She did have some stone
>>bruises but was they were quite minor. After the ferrier left I went for a
>>ride and she did her little hop skip and jump. At the time the pasture was
>>quite muddy and her frogs were a little musshey. Called the vet who is an
>>excellent leg man. Did a hoof test through the pads, said to use Iodine and
>>DMSO on the frogs. She would not do it for the vet, and does not do it
>>unless she has the added weight of the rider. Rode her today for awhile,
>>here are some of her symptoms:
>>Her left leg pops up, like going into a canter, then continues to trot until
>>she does it again. She wants to stop.
>>Seems to only happen on the uphills, even slight upgrade
>>Trots and walks downhill fine
>>Would prefer to gallop uphill rather than trot, when made to trot she will
>>do her one limp.
>>No swelling, no interferring.
>>Only does it with rider, have run several miles with her and no trip.
>>Please help, I need advise.
>>Please E-mail and post if you want.
>>Chris & Nancy Martin
>>Penn Valley, CA
>>Tyler Wolters


I have a 5 year old Arabian mare who has about the same problem. Only Negine
does this hip hopping also when she walks.
It started all of a sudden and I have no idea what caused it.
But I don't think it has anything to do with her hoof. I think it has to do
with something wrong in either her chest, her back or her neck. She is being
treated with acupuncture and is improving quit a lot. But still I want to know
what is wrong with her and what caused this hip hopping.
Next week I have an appointment with a vet who is specialized in alternative
If you are interested is what he finds and thinks, please let me know.

Please forgive my english, but when I write in dutch I have the feeling you
won't be able to read it...

(The Netherlands)

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