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Lame Horse (Need Advice)

Chris Martin (nitram@gv.net)
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 20:10:16 -0800 (PST)

My Arab is 12 year old Alpha mare who has been on a conditioning program
since July. She has come along way and is looking real good. About five
weeks ago she would come up with her left front like she was going into a
canter and then skip, this was at a trot. As I recall she only did it a
couple of times during the ride. Felt like she had stepped on a sharp rock
or something. At the time we were on a country road with mine rock as a
base. On each succesive ride she would do it more and more. It was usually
on the road, at the time I thought it was the rocks. A week later I had her
shod again and this time he put full pads on her. She did have some stone
bruises but was they were quite minor. After the ferrier left I went for a
ride and she did her little hop skip and jump. At the time the pasture was
quite muddy and her frogs were a little musshey. Called the vet who is an
excellent leg man. Did a hoof test through the pads, said to use Iodine and
DMSO on the frogs. She would not do it for the vet, and does not do it
unless she has the added weight of the rider. Rode her today for awhile,
here are some of her symptoms:

Her left leg pops up, like going into a canter, then continues to trot until
she does it again. She wants to stop.
Seems to only happen on the uphills, even slight upgrade
Trots and walks downhill fine
Would prefer to gallop uphill rather than trot, when made to trot she will
do her one limp.
No swelling, no interferring.
Only does it with rider, have run several miles with her and no trip.

Please help, I need advise.
Please E-mail and post if you want.

Chris & Nancy Martin
Penn Valley, CA
Tyler Wolters

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