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Hall of Fame

Wed, 26 Feb 1997 20:23:17 -0500 (EST)

I'm so proud of my special horse AA Omner. He was awarded the AERC Hall of
Fame at Convention. The Hall of Fame horse is recognized for an outstanding
lifetime of achievements. May I share with endurance net the inscription on
the Hall of Fame plaque.

Endurance horses are the embodiment of toughness, strength and stamina.
Horses with proven records centering on five day events are the epitome of
our sport. With Five record championships on the gruelling 265 miles of the
Outlaw Trails, AA Omner has excelled among endurance horses. Ten years of
trail riding, 7500 miles, 125 competitions, 42 wins and 18 best condition
awards is a record few horses will match. Battling and overcoming cancer,
Omner, you have given us a true message of stamina, strength and courage
worthy of your introduction into the Hall of Fame.

I truely consider him a gift to share his incredible storey and offer
strength, hope and awe to those who need some magic in their lives and a
reason to continue down the trail to greater achievements. Omner is still
competing with lots more miles to share...I look forward to riding with some
of you and my friend Omner.

Beverly Gray

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