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horse for sale :<

MS LOUISE D BURTON (XXDU78A@prodigy.com)
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 20:14:00, -0500

Good news and bad news on this one...
The good news is my stallion is doing great, so great that I am selling my
gelding I rode all last year. MS Beret is a GREAT horse. He is one of
those horses who need someone to bond with and he will do anything for you.

My husband did several 25 milers on him two years ago, and I did 370 miles
of 50s last year(all top ten..but about 6-7 hours). My husband rode him in
a 50 last month..slow. He really WANTS someone who will love him and he
will truely love you back. (He'll be a one person horse) I guess that is
why I have procrastinated offering him for sale, because he is such a GOOD
horse, but I can't ride two!

STATS: 8 years old. Black bay, no white. Pure Polish, heavily Comet, no
Bask. Outstanding feet (my husband is the farrier)
15 hands, slight to medium build
pays attention to you CONSTANTLY
basic dressage...could go a lot further
Sells with a trial period...I want you to be happy with this horse!
$3500, including shipping.

I hope someone may know of a good home for him. I'd really like him to
stay in endurance and follow his great career to be!

Louise Burton

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