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horses in the cold

Anne Barnes (barnes@numbat.murdoch.edu.au)
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 08:42:07 +0800

Hi all,
Please excuse me if this is a subject that has been covered before, but I
could not find any information in the archives on it. I don't know what the
term used elsewhere is for what we in Australia call "strapping" - cooling,
feeding and generally looking after the horse when you come in from the ride.

At a recent club discussion, the issue of "strapping" horses in winter was
raised and I was hopeful that there may be some good suggestions from the
list. Should you wash the horse with warm water, what sort of rugs do people
use, how do you get the inside of the horse cooler and get the heart rate
down without freezing the outside of the horse, should the horse be clipped
in winter etc. In winter here it can get cold and wet, although not snow.
All suggestions gratefully received.

Western Australia

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