ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: how was the convention??

Re: how was the convention??

Deanne Del Vecchio (delvecchio@geocities.com)
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 19:02:44 -0800

Well, this was my first convention and I spent tons of money and had tons of
fun! It was go neat meeting people that I've only met through this list!

Bought my first HRM from Roger. Haven't tried it yet.
Bought a new Lidlocker (purple!). Rode once and loved it! Anyone want to buy
an old black velvet english schooling helmet?
Bought a "Dry Camp" 30 gal. water storage unit that will go in the tack comp.
of my two-horse. My husband is very happy he won't have to haul water around
Lots of other odds and ends, t-shirts, cool purple pommel bag, etc. Gonna
miss it next year when it's not in Reno!

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