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Results First Enduranc Ride Queensland

Bruce Overton (boverton@tpgi.com.au)
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 12:14:23 +1100

59 riders and horses started in the Mary River Ride at Kenilworth at 6.15
pm on Sat 22 Feb over a difficult 80 K in two legs with a 60 minute break
and vet check. After the first leg Brook Sample(2 time Quilty winner),
Bruce Overton and Shannon Odenkerk came into together with a 30 minute lead
over the nearest riders and vetted thru ok(time 2hrs16min).On the second
legBrook took off and left the other two and came over the line in total
riding time of 5hrs16min,Won by 23 minutes. The ride is split into 4
divisions:- heavyweight 91 kilo+, middleweight 73 kilo+ lightweight under73
and juniors(under 16).Final placings were:-
Junior: 1stMichael Shaw, 2nd Ben Noller, 3rd David Pembroke
Best Conditioned Horse,Michael
Lightweight. Shannon Odekerk 1st, Ann Jones 2nd, Rose Freney 3rd
Best Conditioned Shannon
Heavyweight. Roger Warren 1st, Barry Thurlow 2nd, Ivan Samson 3rd
Best Conditioned. Roger
Middleweight. Brook Sample 1st, Bruce Overton 2nd, Peter Mounsey 3rd
Best Conditioned. Bruce
Best Conditioned Horse is chosen from the first five to finish using the
following paramaters:-
Time taken, Weight carried, Heart Rate and Veterinary Examination.

Regards Bruce Overton.

. Bruce

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