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Frigid Digit

George McGraw (georgem@ctinc.com)
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Frigid Digit
Feb. 15, 1997
Decatur, TX

It had been a typical weather week for Texas in February: there was
rain, there was snow, and highs in the 70's - all before the ride even
started. The rain stopped on Thursday, the sun come out, and favorable
winds dried the trails at the LBJ Grasslands before ride time Saturday.

Ride manager, Eddie Spurgeon, released the forty 50 milers to the trail
at 7 a.m.. Mike Maul, riding Baskmens Pecan, was first across the finish
line with a time of 4:01. This was Mike's first start for the year, and
it would appear that he is again going to make a serious bid for the
Central region heavy weight title. Last year Mike and Pecan were in
serious contention for the title. Lisa Skalski, riding Forward Motion,
was second overall and first middle weight with a time of 4:13. The top
ten was rounded out by Darolyn Butler, Dale Horst, Jim Wiseman (who
came down from Tennessee), Mike Jaffe, Dolly Miller, George Nixon, Bobbi
Barber, and Jan Wright. Veterinarian Denis Seymour declared Baskmens
Pecan to be Best Condition. Pecan now has a new monogrammed cooler for
those cool days. GS Silverado, ridden by Dolly Miller, and Bab Terah,
ridden by Jan Wright, shared the high Vet score honors at 430 points.
Thirty-seven of the 40 starters received a completion award T-shirt.
Sherry McGraw, riding Crystal Moon, completed their first 50 together.
CeCi Butler placed 13th on Conquistador in her first ride after moving
from junior status to the light weight division.

This turned out to be a special ride for the Burton family of Oklahoma.
Unbeknownst to mother Louise, nine year old daughter Amber and husband
Bruce had conspired to enter Amber in her first 50 as a Valentine
present to mom. This meant that the whole Burton family - mom, dad, son
and daughter would ride and finish the 50 together. Twelve year old
Jessie Burton was first place Junior for the ride and also completed his
500th mile. Amber was second place junior on her 19 year old retired
show horse.

This year's ride saw the addition of a 35 mile event. The eight
starters took to the trails at 8:30. Moriah, ridden by Cindy Prescott,
was first to reach criteria in an overall time of 4:49. All eight
starters finished and showed for BC. Dennis Seymour selected Morah to
receive the embroidered BC cooler award.

The 25 mile ride started at the civilized time of 9 a.m. for the
thirty-three riders. The ride was noteworthy because of a 100%
completion rate. The horses of Thomas and Edie Booth were first to reach
criteria within seconds of each other. In what may have been a martially
incorrect move, Tom's horse Ibn Taam-Rud, was recorded as first to
recover. Db Shahat, who was ridden by Edie, was selected as Best
Condition by Head Veterinarian, Steve Slusher. Khristin Seymour, riding
Fire Pony, was first junior to reach criteria.

This ride was sanctioned by AERC and sponsored by the Texas Arabian
Distance Riders Association that is a club in Region 9 of IAHA.

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