ridecamp@endurance.net: Arnica for Horses

Arnica for Horses

Lauren Horn (fourhorn@mail.fia.net)
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 21:12:27 -0800

The day after the post on Arnica, I happened to see an item at the feed
store that I have never seen. It is an Arnica based linament. The name
is Dit Da Jow with Arnica for STOCKING UP, an Ancient Chinese Bruise
Formula for the Hard Working Equine Athlete, by OHC (Oriental Herb
Company 1-800-635-HERB)

I snatched up a bottle immediately to try on Kyla's rear fetlock. She
had kicked at the neighbor horse and contacted the pipe corrals; still
getting used to her new environment. She had been slightly swollen every
morning for 5 days. After using this linament she stopped all swelling.
I am very impressed. If I get the same results as I have gotten with
using Arnica on my kids, this product will be a keeper.

Besides alcohol and water it has arnica, camphor, rhizomarhei, myrrh,
frankincense, asarum and 23 other plant extracts. Has anybody seen or
used this product before?


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