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RE: 20 Mule Team Riders vs OHVers

Jennifer Heim (JHEIM@gunder.com)
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 10:45:00 -0800

I know I couldn't have been the only one to have a run-in with dirt bikes
during 20 Mule Team. My riding partner, Robyn Burgess and I were riding
with three others when we were all scattered by extremely inconsiderate
dirt bike riders. One dirtbike user got stuck in some deep sand right
next to my horse and revved it hard many times to "free" himself -
meanwhile, the horses were scattering like sheep. Robyn is the one that
rides with the nearly severed knee ligament and I know she was
hurtin-for-certain after that little episode. There had been a previous
dirt bike group that came thru the canyon that were great - they stopped
their bikes, turned off the engines and waited for us to go by, for which
we all thanked them and waved. Then this next group. My adrenaline is
getting up there just talking about it! We caught up to a couple that
were riding in the ride in which the gentleman was off his horse and just
remounting muttering about the dirt bikes. I don't know if he was thrown
from his horse or was just off at the time, but he wasn't a happy camper.
Other than this incident, it was a glorious ride all around. But these
dirt-bike characters really were the exception to the rule. Most went
around us or avoided us completely.

Jackie B - if you're reading this, you put on a first-class ride. It was
thrilling and beautiful. Even the "8-Mile Trail" was an utter blast for
someone who rarely gets to ride in the desert. The volunteers were
great, the vets were very helpful and attentive and we had a ball. You
can count on us being there next year.

Jen & the Sunman (who no longer spooks at cactus)

P.S. How you doing Robyn? And Melody - it was great meeting you - the
charm is on Sunny's shipping halter (it must have good luck, we had no
traffic getting back to the Bay Area).

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