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Re: Using ibuprophen

Mark & Karen Willmus (willmus@runestone.net)
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 21:11:40 -0600


Just for the record, I admire people like you who get up, get out of bed
each day and do what you've got to do, despite the pain. My mother has had
arthritis for over twenty years, but still she can work circles around me.

I went through a period of bad health for about two years, and although I'm
fine now, I remember it well. We all know we shouldn't take too much
medicine, that it can have bad effects, but sometimes, ibuprophen or
something like is the only way to get out of bed.

I don't believe endurance is all that hard on your body - I mean it's not
jarring like running, etc. But you can get sore. Actually, the sorest
I've ever been was on a two-day trail ride which my horse had to walk
behind another for nearly 12 hours each day. The horse (breed shall remain
nameless) was horribly rough, and I thanked God for my smooth-moving Arabs.
(Not that I haven't ridden choppy ARabs, too.)

So - as just a thought - if you're really sore after rides and you've only
ever tried one horse, consider trying another type of horse. For instance
I've heard riding Icelandic ponies are like riding butter. They're all a
little different. Remember, to finish is to win!

Karen Willmus


> From: vwheeler@mail.tds.net
> To: ridecamp@endurance.net
> Subject: Re: Using ibuprophen
> Date: Tuesday, February 18, 1997 8:04 PM
> Well Kat, I'm glad that you don't have physical limitations that require
> you to use OTC or prescription painkillers. HOWEVER, just because there
> are those of us that are not so lucky & do want to spend time with our
> equine friends in beautiful surroundings is no indication that we are not
> physically able to enjoy the same activities.
> When I was 15 a horse reared & fell back on top of me. I spent 18 months
> on crutches & have limited use of my right ankle. I was told at that
> that I would have arthritis (when is unknown). I experience tendonitis
> regularly. In addition, I suffer from severe migraines & level 4
> endometriosis.
> There are few days that I feel like 90% (much less 100%) but regardless
> what hurts I always feel so much better after several hours in the
> So using an old cliche "don't judge a person til you've walked a mile in
> their shoes."
> I was hoping that by writing this it would take the steam out, but it
> hasn't yet. You have managed to incite an anger I've not felt as a
> of 3 list servers.
> Vicki Wheeler
> Knoxville, TN

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