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Re: Heart rate monitors

Karen Steenhof (steenhof@cyberhighway.net)
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 15:48:02 -0700

> << If your not using one you shouldn't be riding. I've done P&R's for
> several rides and have had many well meaning riders tell us we don't
> know how to take Pulse and heart rates. Most of these riders do not use
> MRM's. I have never had anyone using a HRM argue about the P&R checks. I

> believe that they should be required on all AERC events.
> >>
> Ouch! I don't know about you guys, but this smacks of upper echelon sport
> here.... I have seen people WITH them
> that depend so entirely upon them that it seems that they are lost
> it. So , I don't believe that mandating them will enhance the sport or
> horse's welfare. It would be really good, no doubt about it.

I don't believe that mandating heart monitors would be "really good." I've
seen too many new riders who depend so greatly on them, that they don't
learn to read the other signs that may be more important. At the PNER
convention in January, Becky Hart said something to this effect (I won't
try to quote her exactly), and she said that she often does not use her
heart monitor. I've ridden more than 8000 miles of competition without a
heart monitor--just a few 100 miles with one. My horse has very good
recoveries ( I don't argue with P&R people at vet checks because my horse
almost always comes in below criteria). However, he has been known to tie
up with a pulse of 48. The heart monitor is an excellent tool, but it
doesn't tell you everything you need to know, and it doesn't always teach
good horsemanship.

Karen Steenhof
Boise, Idaho

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