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Unidentified subject!

Mon, 17 Feb 97 11:08:25 CST

Gee samm, I don't know any "old time" endurance riders who won't answer
questions for HOURS!(Unless the timing is really inaapropriate, as when
preparing vet check stuff, concentrating on their horse DURING the ride, etc.)
But, most of us wait till asked. I've had my head bit off for offering
unasked for advice. I've even overheard groups of newcommers conclude "
They're telling us to slow down so we don't beat them." So, don't anybody
be shy about asking!

In our trailer we use Mighty Lite mats for cushioning & dust free Kitty
Litter to soak up urine. We try to let the horses out every 3-4 hours while
hauling & they usually go then.

I bought a "People" HRM, don't remember the brand. The snaps on the transmitter
were compatible with the snaps on the electode & wires Roger sells. The
transmitter & watches are interchangable too. If you're buying from a bike shop
order some wires & electrodes for the horse & take them to the shop & see if
they snap on the "people" transmitter. But some of the watches are NOT
waterproof(Mine Wasn't) & don't work in the rain. Roger, do you have a chest
belt people can buy to use your horse monitor on themselves???

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