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Sports Saddle

Joyce Kellenberger (joyce@homer.ca.boeing.com)
Sun, 16 Feb 97 15:25:20 PST


I am speechless with enthusiasm over my new sports saddle! Let's see if I
can put that speechlessness into a couple of paragraphs for the benefit of
our ridecamp friends . . .

The saddle is everything you said it would be. Beautiful, comfortable - for
me and the horse. The stirrup position is perfect for me; wouldn't want them
set back at all. I rode it today for the first time exactly as I received it,
and although I will incorporate my own cloud stirrups, I did find the cinch to
be satifactory. Unless it causes problems I see no reason to change it at this
time. The saddle fits me perfectly and I don't see why it wouldn't fit either
of my mares. Tomorrow I will try it on the young mare. I rode for three hours
today, at a fairly aggressive pace (we were doing some interval training). It
doesn't slip, slide, or shift at all. I mounted and dismounted several times
and it stayed in place better than any other saddle I have except for maybe
the OF (the OF not being better or worse but the same.) For a dyed-in-the-wool
bareback rider that I am it is the perfect saddle.

It has been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate the fact that you are
located so close to the company and were able to do visual checks and update
me on the progress of my saddle. I will recommend you any time. Your know-
ledge of horse physiology, your professionalism, and your desire to work with
me coupled with your proximity to the manufacturer makes you a great choice
for a sports saddle distributor. Thank you very much, for everything. If my
horses could, they'd thank you too.


Joyce Kellenberger
Arlington, WA

to: dacentaur@ziggycom.net (Daniel McKinzie, Sports Saddle Distributor)

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