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new aussie camper

Bruce Overton (boverton@tpgi.com.au)
Sun, 16 Feb 1997 19:21:48 +1100

I'm really pleased that all campers don't know how to type as I'm finding
it hard to read all the mail coming thru the last few days. Most of the
info could be classed as interesting but questionable as far as endurance
is concerned. Before I say more let me ask when is the good endurance stuff
I have been in the game for about 20 years as I needed to do something in
retirement, so you can imagine I'm no spring chicken. Today I took my 10
you Arab Gelding on a 50K training ride in preparation for the season
opening next week. The track was quite steep in parts and it was very hot
and sticky (conditions to be wary of). We took about 3 hours 20 min to
complete and after washing down his pulse was 61bpm. About 10 min, so I was
very pleased. I put him in a yard with water and food and he had the
mandatory pee but when I checked him at 30 min after completing his pulse
was still 60bpm, he didn't seem stressed and he trotted out ok. This had
never happened to me before as in the normal course of events he should
have been back to the low to mid 40ties. I left at 5am and the vet check
was just before 9am, My only answer is that the high temp (90f) and high
humidity was the cause. Any suggestions??

Re all this mail about helmets. Let me tell you what we do in Australia.
Juniors must wear a helmet (Under 16) All others have a choice. The logic
seems to be that juniors need guidance and hopefully will continue to wear
helmet when they are out of junior status and most do. Also at least 50% of
older riders including me have come around from the old cowboy outlook.
It's likely that as time goes on most will wear a helmet.

If the camp is interested I would like to tell you a bit more about
Australian Endurance from time to time
Cheers Bruce Overton

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