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Lease education

Helga (hblmh@ptd.net)
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 14:08:59 -0500

I have a beautiful Polish bred 14' 3 H reg. Arab gelding That I would be
interested in leasing out to the right person. He is 4 yrs, and goes for
his finishing next month. He loves the trails, and doesn't hardly break a
sweat. I just don't have room for him right now. I'm located in NE PA.

I would lease him on a care for him basis, where you provide feed and care,
and you have the use of him. I would want to see proof of vaccinations and
worming. If it proved to be a good home, I would consider selling him.

Is there anything specific in writing lease agreements that I should be
aware of? I would want to stipulate that if the person caring for him has
financial troubles or whatever, that I would take him back immediately. How
do you handle the papers if the person using him wants to show? I've never
leased a horse, or had on to lease before, so any advice would be great!

Helga B. Loncosky

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