ridecamp@endurance.net: "Warm Hooves" Update

"Warm Hooves" Update

Connie Hoge (pvtevt@msn.com)
Wed, 12 Feb 97 20:21:43 UT

Yesterday the Vet came out & did radiological photo's of Jas's front legs &
hooves. Happy me - she has no rotation of the coffin bone, nice bones, good
joints, no arthritis, & no conformational problems at all that would or could
prevent her from being fit for distance work.

He said balance was perfect, but he is suggesting to my farrier that we move
the shoes back to better support the heel, shorten the toe, & try a "World
Racing Plate" shoe. This shoe was shown in a Western Horseman article in the
Jan. issue. It allows for a faster breakover.

We are also theorizing that the virus Jas recovered from last spring, might
have caused a reduction in circulation, that resulted in the parallel cracks
(she developed 8 wks. after her first endur. ride of the season).

Now that those cracks are almost grown out - the toe being just a little long
could contribute to additional stress in the hoof wall that resulted in "warm

So, I am relieved, & really sold on spending just over $100. to "see" whats in

P.S. She walked & stood in our tack room for the pictures - then reached over
- & tried to "read" the Western Horseman article!

Connie Hoge
Alrington, WA

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