ridecamp@endurance.net: biting saddlebred

biting saddlebred

OutWestPosse (OutWestPosse@msn.com)
Wed, 12 Feb 97 01:52:53 UT

thanks for your response, my 5yo gelding, no matter how many times he has had
a good wack, continues this offensive and dangerous behavior, i have the
bruises to prove it. he seems to be an orally fixated horse, and like a bratty
10 yr old "all boy", he is devious. one day in the coral i was walking along,
he snuck up, i saw his shadow and turned quickly, he tuened his head as if i
wouldnt catch what he was about to do, bit me, he never bites and clamps down,
a nip to bruise is more like it, yet i cant help but know that this guy is a
smart character. i do love the ride, he loves to go.

happy trails,

rich donadio c/o OutWestPosse@msn.com

ps, my apologies to the spelling police, its my first day!!!!

have an aunt that used to correct my spelling and grammer errors in all of my
letters, yet she enjoyed them anyway, needless to say i used the phone a lot!

keep it light hearted!!

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