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Wendy Milner (wendy@wendy.cnd.hp.com)
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 15:25:51 MST

The purpose of this group is communication. Our topic of discussion is

In order to communicate ideas, we must all have a common understanding
of the language and medium we are using. For most of us, the language
is U.S. English. The medium is the written language through the use
of computers. The language has rules that we all (at least in the U.S.)
learned in grammar school. Those rules were taught and reinforced
in middle school, high school and even in college. Failure to use the
rules results in miscommunication.

I'll ask you what your purpose is in writing messages here. Is it
to communicate your ideas? Do you want some one to read your message
and understand it? If you answer yes, then why would you want to
confuse your message by ignoring the basic rules of the English

Joanne, with a bit of humor, mentioned a few words that people typically
misspell. Does a horse have a main? How about a maine? How about a mane?
When I read something about a horses main, I wonder main what do those
horses have? When I read a horse's mane, I can understand what is
being written without being a mind reader over the net.

The use of correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
always helps with the understanding of a message. Improper usage only
sends a confusing message. Personnaly, I skip messages that are hard
to read. I ignore most typos, as long as the entire message isn't
garbled. And I even ignore spelling errors if I can figure out what
is meant. I don't ignore the hideous misuse or non-use of grammar.

Mary Moore is completely out of line -
>i was just part of a university study dealing with women and giftedness,

She must have been part of the control group.

>as an educator and published novelist...let me say for the
>record...that i dont care HOW any of you guys spell.....and others
>shouldnt be telling ME how to spell unless im paying you to be my
>agent or editor..and i already have those, thank you very much.

As an educator and (WOW) published novelist she should know that
the written language is very important. I also am an educator and am
published (not novels, just technical books, magazine articles, and
too many training manuals to count). I have never paid anyone to
edit my material. I don't have to pay some one. They do it for free,
if needed.

If you don't want to be listened to, then you can talk any language
you choose. I'm sure we will all ignore you. If you want to communicate
your ideas, then please use correct grammer, spelling, capitalization,
and punctuation.

>are we a endurance riding discussion group or a grammar class?

We are an endurance riding discussion group that is communicating
our ideas through the use of good grammar.


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