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Re: Trail terrors

Leif Neland (leifn@roskildebc.dk)
08 Feb 97 20:53:40 +0100

At 08 Feb 97 19:08:25 "Patrick E. Allen" (2:234/49.99) wrote to All regarding Re: Trail terrors in area "Endurance"

>I've never met a Mtn Biker who
>was riding a NICE bike (over $400.00 new, and thats what ya
> gotta have if you are serious) who was less than polite.

"E> I have a mountain bike that I bought new and it didn't cost me
"E> over $400.00. So DO NOT classify people by the cost of their
"E> mountain bikes !!!! To me thats like catagorizing a person by
"E> their race!!!!!!!

A: You have a bike less than $400.
B: You are less than polite.

This confirms the original thesis..

Leif Neland
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