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Sharing Trails - Casper

Sat, 8 Feb 1997 00:21:29 -0500 (EST)

Remember not to generalize about all mountain bikers or off road
motorcyclists. I have had some pleasant run ins with both. They have
stopped and patiently waited for the horses to go by, or they have cut off
their motors so as not to scare the horses. There are exceptions here too

We don't need a feud with cyclists/bikers... we need to work together to keep
the trails opened and maintained. A little bit of good will goes a long way.
Force will always be met with some resistance.

I'm sure the hikers don't like the "pockmarked" trails either. Maybe we just
need to go out to Casper (or wherever) and flatten it back out. Hey Paul
Roach, how about another ride there? :-) Let the locals know if you need
any help!

Again, its just a little respect we are all asking of each other. No one
group owns the trails... you can't own Mother Earth anyway.

Melody (who ran cross country and raced bikes for many years)

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