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My Favorite Fall

Susan F. Evans (suendavid@worldnet.att.net)
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 22:02:56 -0800

OK, had to throw in my favorite Unplanned Dismount...

When I first bought Cato, he was six and Green as Grass, a real country
boy that had lived all his life in pasture. He'd had some minimal
training and after riding around our pasture for a few days, I thought
we'd try going out on the trail. Going up a very narrow canyon, all of
a sudden the bushes next to and above the trail starting crashing and
waving and a black bear AND her cub comes out! Cato decides "I'm outta
here" and takes off up the trail at a gallop (yes, I'm still on board)
but reasonably under control considering the circumstances, no bucking,
no panic. After a hundred yards, he comes nicely back under control, we
stop, look back down the trail and move on at a lovely and civilized
walk. I'm congratulating myself on having bought such a level-headed
and savvy horse that can't be fazed even by a bear. In celebration
(still patting myself on the back) I reach back for my water bottle and
pull it off the Velcro. One problem---ol' country boy here has seen
bears before, but has NEVER heard Velcro, so he cuts loose with a major
league spook and a bucking fit that didn't end until I landed on my
butt. And yes, I let go of the reins, but bless his fuzzy little heart,
he stopped and walked back as if to ask, "Did you hear that rattlesnake
on my back? Did I get him?"

Well, that was seven years ago and Cato doesn't mind Velcro anymore, but
we're still waiting for more bears...


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