ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Falling Off - Learning to Let Go

Re: Falling Off - Learning to Let Go

Jacqueline Mansfield (jaxson@leopard.com)
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 15:16:07 -0700

I have heard many good arguments on either side of holding on or letting
go. I think I personally will always be sure and hold on to my horse, even
if he falls on me, tramples me, drags me off a cliff or etc., because as
was mentioned in a previous post - I am responsible for my horse.
I would MUCH rather suffer with broken bones, etc., rather than have to
think about that my horse caused someone else to get hurt. I would rather
suffer physically than be tormented with guilt. This is just my opinion
Jacqueline (who has suffered through a ruptured spleen caused by her POA
at age 8 and is still riding - Appys aren't my fav. anymore though! <vbg>)

Author owned by Winza, 13 year old Crabbet Arabian gelding

I used to dream of owning a flashy chesnut or bright bay, perhaps even a
shining black, but when my perfect horse came in a never-to-be-clean
white... I shrugged and realized the meaning of "A good horse is never a
bad color".

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