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Starting Out

Wed, 5 Feb 1997 13:49:15 -0500

Hmmm, how did we get started in this sport? Well, in the insular community
of Centre County, PA all the non-hunter/jumper folks belonged to either a
trail riding club (wa-hoo group, Western) or the Keystone Dressage & CT
Assoc. for which I served as Pres. for a number of years. Amongst its
members were Jan Villastrigo, Patty Lambert, Mary & Andy Rogowski--all
intrepid CTR/endurance riders. I got my feet wet crewing at the Old
Dominion 55 for both Jan & Patty...map in my lap, driving a strange truck
hither and yon over the criss-crossing dirt roads in Fort Valley, carting
gallons of water and a ton of stuff from one spot to another. I found out
about rider preferences (one eats & drinks copiously, the other needs
sustenance poured down her throat :-), found out that year that Trenton (the
BIG App) likes me 'cause he tried to bite me--kick too if memory serves,
he's so sweet-and discovered that not everybody paces the same way leaving
me with a furrowed brow worrying about where my 2nd rider is now that the
1st has left the vet check.

Crewed the 50's for these gals for 3 years, then graduated to the OD100 with
the help of Kevin. That's when Kevin got hooked big time. I had tried out
a CTR (later learned it was *tough*), liked it well enough but was still
enamored of combined training. It took maybe that full 3 years, until I set
up my own training facility and had access to hundreds of miles of trails
out of my backyard, that the thought occured that I might like to try this
sport for real. Having Kevin join me in the business, condition and compete
with me was of course a bonus.

I actually like crewing just as much as competing as it is a chance to hone
my skills by observing and managing a horse under adverse conditions without
sacrificing my own energy in the "heat of the competition". Besides, Chef
Diane likes to concoct a memorable buffet at each vet check.

I think that crewing is the absolute best way to learn about this sport.

Allentown, PA--looking for crewing ops with Kevin now in MO (too far to

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