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Re: Falling Off - Learning to Let Go

Tommy Crockett (tomydore@goblin.punk.net)
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 09:59:39 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 5 Feb 1997, Linda Cowles wrote:

> someone wrote:
> After years of riding green, spooky horses, I got pulled UNDER a horses feet when
> I hung onto the rein while falling, and had the panicked horse STEP on my chest,
> directly on my left breast, with a HIND foot that was engaged in a canter-depart.

Good advice. I heartily concur. Not to make waves or anything. Of course,
I would've been wearing a helmet anyway due to the training situation, but
when trying to train Flossie from 3'6" jumps (XT) to 4", which BTW is the
toughest 6 inches in athletics, she crashed into a solid wall, sending us
both to the ground sideways. In her panic to get up had she stepped on my
head it would've killed me sans helmet. It messed up my hand pretty
rightously when the 1300 pound 16h3 TB scrambled to her feet on top of
it. She didn't leave me, but I'm sure had I had hold of the reins in the
shortness that is the crest position it would've freaked her, and GAWD
KNOWS how much she would've thrown me around if I'd had a firm grip on

I can sere both reasonings, the most poignant one being that of my new
friend who lost her once feral mare in the desert. That really got to me.
I'm spending a lot of time working on ground tying work with Esperanza.
So far she seems realatively bombproof to things that send my Arab
through the ceiling. Heck, when I brought him back from his first injury
and started doing 50's again he was sent through the roof at ride markers.
Yes, ride markers. Took him a couple of rides to get by it. Didn't bug
him in the first LD training rides. Not a good thing. The feral mare goes
through water, brush, cars don't bug her. I really think as she was young
when taken off the range (2 1/2) the "call of the" feral won't be as
strong. Hopefully her first interest should we end up in a crash mode on
a ride will be as the Arab's, green grass.

We're shooting for Malibu as the first LD and taking it from there. So
far I'm pleased with pulse and respiration in training, beyond my wildest
dreams, but she's hanging in inversion. Like dropping pulse very quickly
to 12 or 13 and hanging a step or so higher in the lungs for about 10
minutes or so. I'm sure, at this point it's a fitness thing, but with a
really thick winter coat, it might be just dispersion of heat. Hope she
ain't a panter. I've dealt with that with The Rebel Prince since we
started athletic endeavor.

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****not the only method on earth just mine that's all****

Tommy Crockett <tomydore@goblin.punk.net>
Los Osos, California 93402-2715
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the damage has all been done"
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