ridecamp@endurance.net: Falling. . . Large horse to Small Horse Reaction Times

Falling. . . Large horse to Small Horse Reaction Times

Charlene Bartholomae (charle@tpc.tulane.edu)
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 10:55:00 -0500

I have to agree with Leif. When I began doing Endurance, I had just sold a
17.1h Anglo Arab that I had ridden for 3 years in Eventing. At this time, I
was doing 25's on a 16.1 h TB/Warmblood Cross. Very well trained.
Simple. He took care of me. THEN!!! I got a 15h Arab Mare. YOW!
That babe can stop from a canter on a thin dime! Yes. Much more dangerous
and much less time for YOU to react!!!
My poor disalusioned husband. He keeps saying how happy he is to see
me on a reasonably-sized horse instead of a skyscraper. I have decided never
to tell him the truth of it.
Charlene and Sasan (the mare who believes in Warp Drive)
` | \____\\
_( ) \ Charlene Bartholomae
\-\~~~_|\ \ Department of Pathology
` \ ` \ ` Tulane Regional Primate Research Center
18703 Three Rivers Road.
` ` Covington, Louisiana 70433
e-mail: charle@tpc.tulane.edu

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