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Ready or not? humor!!

Rae (bolton@pbhs.brevard.k12.fl.us)
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 18:29:07 -0500

I just can't keep quiet any more on this "LD thing"....The
statement that, "most rider's don't KNOW if they can do a fifty or not...."
is soooo true. If only we could trick a few of them.......Well, let me
tell you what I did last year.....I started endurance riding jsut last year
and was really enjoying my LD's on my full App, Freckles, and he was doing
real well. He even did a two day CTR 50miler.
Anyhow, we were doing Far Out Forest last year and I was doing the
35miler. Well, the night before I had looked over the map.....over and
over....and thought I had memorized what I was supposed to do. Well, when
it came time on the trail for the 35's to split off the trail from the
extra miles the 50s were supposed to do, I didn't. No, I don't know what I
was thinking(I now know what a "brain fart" is!).......I was enjoying the
view and my horse and the weather, etc....map in hand I went the wrong way
thinking the 35's were supposed to follow pink, I kept thinking I was
supposed to "follow pink". Oops! Anyhow, I was 12 miles on the course
when I came to the PR stop---that I was not supposed to be at....only the
50's---- and Dr. Dane Fraizer had to tell me where I really was. My
husband was at the other PR stop worrying. When the PR team told me what I
had done, I think I said something inappropriate ("....I would have beat my
kids for") and then cried.....Well Dr. Fraizer checked my horse and he was
doing great and told me I should go on, and by the time that I got to the
next stop, they would have talked to the ride manager---and just maybe they
would let me elevate because technically I wasn't lost, I was and had been
on trail, just the wrong trail for an LD.
When I got to the last PR stop, 7 miles from camp, I asked the vet
to check my horse and be SURE he was OK, that it was his first 50 and I
wouldn't be too upset if he pulled us.....well, he didn't...Freckles was
fine. My husband made me get my tired butt back up into that saddle and
finish. If the horse could, I could.....he finished and was in great
shape....now me--- that was a different story!:))
My point being, that many of us don't know what we can do and need
a nudge.....that was my nudge and now I am not afraid of 50s any more. I
now look at 100s the way I used to look at 50s......so those of you who
don't think you can, you probably can----YOU don't know it!

PS. I just got back from Far Out Forest this weekend....on the same big
App.---who probably wasn't born to do endurance, he just does is slowly,
very slowly:))).......this time we signed up for the 50 and finished THE
Dr. Dane Fraiser was there when we vetted in at the first stop with an
encouraging word and a smile.(if you are reading this......thank you Dr.

Rae Bolton
3875 Toby Ave .
Valkaria, Florida 32950
E-Mail: bolton@pbhs.brevard.k12.fl.us

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