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Funny Falls

Tue, 04 Feb 97 13:52:31 CST

I never land on my feet! Once Racer's feet went out from under him on some
slick rock & he went out from under me sideways. Somehow he caught himself
& jumped back up hooking my spur in the gullet of the saddle! Left me dangling
by my foot, head down. Dispite the fact strange horses were converging on us
to "help" he stood perfectly still till I got loose.
While riding a friends gelding to mark trail a roll of caution tape jumped
from the saddle bag & "chased" us sideways towards a huge tree. I threw
myself off before the collision & darned if Buddy didn't wheel & run over
me! His hoof thumped my helmet but that's all.

I'm glad to know that if I find someone unconcious beside the trail without
a helmet I can "mind my own business" & ride on without feeling guilty!!
(Sorry Kim, not directed at you, just some of the other posts.)

About loose horses at rides: We use a Safety Pen. Other horses can't turn
ours loose too.
Nancy Mitts

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