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Trail problems

Jill Dampier (dampier@psyber.com)
Mon, 03 Feb 97 17:52:21 -0500

-- [ From: Jill Dampier * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Thank you for the update from the Sac Runners Web Page. I have seen the
Quarry rd first hand. All the work done on culverts last year is gone, and
much of the trail/road that was at river level is gone. The wash out at
the Quarry proper is bad, but the trail is to be re-routed onto the road
that goes up and over the quarry. Obviously our temporary signs are gone.
Our biggest problem with repair of the road, is the fact that the Quarry
Road washed out approx. 1/4 mile from Hwy 49 a week ago. We now have a 40ft
wide hole!! I'm starting to get bids on it this week. I'm not sure how we
are going to pay for the repair, but it is a high priority. So, to answer
your question, I do not know the time table for repair. I will keep you
As far as other trail repair, we want to hear about trails and repair
needs. We will assist as much as possible, but much of our park was
impacted by the high water and rains so our financial and personnel
resources are going to be limited.
You may contact me via my personal E-mail address or at ASRA@psyber.com

Thank you

Jill Dampier


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