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Mon, 03 Feb 97 11:34:21 CST

Ridecamp, why do these Fidonet repeats seem to happen on weekends? they
overflow my allotted disk space.Not popular with the computer center!!

Why bring up the helmet topic if you don't want to hear about safety issues?
If someone gets seriously hurt on the trail in front of me it will certainly
interfere wih MY ride & IS my business!!! I don't like to wear them either,
but I do. If my stallion got loose on trail 'cause I got knocked out it
would definitely have a ripple effect!!Keep helmet heads in the photos!!

Diana, Custom Iron Workers sells an interlocking mat that weighs 12 lbs for
a 3' x 4' ft. section. Easily cut to fit. Does ship UPS. More expensive than
rubber. We have used them several years now, like them. For more info call
417-476-2505 (Missouri). We travel a lot & can deliver to rides, too.
E-Mail ms-mitts@vm.mssc.edu
PS:Mats will not work for sharp toe grabs, etc. like racehorses & pulling
ponies would use. Don't know about ice studs, never used them.

Luckily there is a type of horse for everybody. A challenging horse should
belong to a rider who appreciates a challenge. A deadhead horse is someone
else's dream!! Sell if you're not happy, you & the horse will both be better
Nancy & Racer

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