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Re: .Limited Distance

Sat, 1 Feb 1997 09:25:22 -0500 (EST)

People who think that they can win a couple of 25s and sell their horses to
the arabs need a reality check!!! They certainly are getting the wrong
The Arabs are coming over here with highly trained vets and very
knowledgeable horsemen looking for horses. They are not buying just any
horse that wins a ride. They are looking for horses with background( a good
solid fooundation.) so that they may compete for several seasons.
I personally know, first hand , of many horses that have been sold over seas
and are still competing!!
They are not only competing in 26 mile marathons, but 18 mile races and some
50 mile races also. They also ship some of their horses to Europe to race in
the endurance rides over there. I personally know, first hand, that many
horses go to compete in 100 mile races in Europe in the summer and then they
go to the middle East to compete in a FEW of the marathon races during
their season.
ALSO, no one has mentioned that in Europe, their races are not
necessarily 50 miles either!

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