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> From: Rob Pew <robertp@ioa.com>
> To: "'ridecamp@endurance.net'" <ridecamp@endurance.net>
> Subject: Keeping mares and geldings
>You wrote -
> We currently have 3 geldings; we just purchased a mare pony for our son. =
> My wife tells me we have to keep the geldings and the mare in separate =
> pastures so I have to put in some additional fensing. Why is this? and =
> is it necessary?
> ------------------------------
> This is one subject that I really had to add my 2 cents worth. I have 3 Shetland ponies, one 12 hand pony who is probably a Haflinger/something cross, two BLM Mustang
mares and a Quarterhorse/Arab cross who all live together in reasonable harmony. 2 of
the Shetlands are mares, the 3rd, my little old man is 27 this year, the big pony is
also a gelding, 13, the 2 Mustang mares and the QH/Arab cross is a gelding.

First off, ponies are NOT little horses!!! They have entirely different mindsets, I
guess you would say. I had to "pony proof" my barn and paddocks when I got my first 2
ponies, Spice the big one and Poncho the little one. Poncho has been every where and
done it all so nothing really surprises him but he is very studdish and definately is
the dominant male of my little herd. But the pony mares seem to instantly come into
season when they meet new geldings. I don't know how big your pony mare is but expect
some squabbling when you introduce her to the boys. If she's too little for them to
mount the fuss will die out fairly quickly. If not, be prepared because they will jump
on her. My 2 pony geldings try very hard with the 2 Mustang mares but they are both too
small to accomplish much. And the 2 Shetland mares are just teases because I've never
seen Poncho on either of them.

Sorry this was so long, but I never was around ponies until I got Spice in 1991 and
Poncho in '92. I've learned A LOT since then! These ponies are not just pasture
ornaments either. The big pony is also used in competitive trail in both harness and
under saddle as well as working in my "pony party" business. The Shetlands all drive
also and are driven for exercise as well as providing pony rides.

Best of luck with your little mare; let me know how things turn out, OK?

Lyn - Mustang Rider

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