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Jim Mitchell (navion@lsbsdi2.lightspeed.net)
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This may clear up some of the confusion regarding the cheap arabs that have been posted
about recently in Calif.

> >> Hi Gwen, is this the same group of arabs that were listed a few days ago? I
> thought that was an estate sale in the Bay Area of Calif. These horses are from my area of California. It was not an estate sale but a starvation case at a small place in
the mountains about 30 miles from here. Originally 86+/- horses were seized but after
all the mares had their babies they are up to 129+/- horses.
> > Thanks
> >Jim Mitchell
> >Bakersfield, Ca.
> Yes, this is the same ones... I am sick though and got confused... THere are
> TWO batches of horses, the ones Edward Azuar has listed and the other ones
> that are the starvation ones listed below. I think the mean post was toward
> Ed's horses, so if wouldn't mind, please forward this to the list. I was just
> about to print a full apology, but this is clearer than I would have made
> it. I also would like to say whoever DID talk to Ed about horses sure made a
> favorable impression on him toward endurance riding, I'd like to keep it
> that way! We need all the fun we can get!
> :)
> Gwen

> >
> Gwen Dluehosh
>Hope this clears it up.
Jim Mitchell

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