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LD Rides and Other Rides

Linda Sherrill (rood@voyager.net)
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Can we all agree that we do this sport for our own individual reasons?
Many 100 mile riders wouldn't again concentrate on 50 mile rides and
many 50 mile riders would not actively seek out 25 mile rides to
compete in for various reasons. Sometimes we have young horses we're
bringing along and still do not wish to do LD rides. Many riders
have their own way of bringing their horses along. I feel that AERC
gives us many avenues in which to pursue our sport, so we're not all
headed down the same "TRAIL" at the same time! Some of us ride for
career miles only and others ride for completions and the awards which
may come at the end of the year are "gravy". Completions mean racking
up miles any way you look at it. I realize that AERC has a LD category
for medallions now and for LD riders, that's great. The other riders
can still pursue their own avenues of accomplishment. I don't under-
stand why we all need to beat this subject to death here. I live for
the day I can do a multi-day ride, for example, but it doesn't mean I
have an opinion as to what another person should be doing or not doing.
Linda Sherrill
Justus Arabians
....dedicated to the Davenport Arabian....

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