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Susan F. Evans (suendavid@worldnet.att.net)
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paulfitz@au1.ibm.com wrote:

Max legal weight here is about 5500 lbs depending on the tow
> vehicle. The Explorer has a legal load, with auto transmission, of 5500 lbs.

Which brings up the question...how do you know what your vehicle's legal
load is? Is it different for bumper pull vs. gooseneck? Is it
different for different states (I'm in Calif.)

Also (while we're on the subject)...a few years ago, I thought there was
some hoorah about rigs bigger than X number of feet having to require
special licensing or requirements or something that got everyone all
upset. I didn't pay much attention at the time because I had a small
rig. Now I DO have a big trailer and don't want to get pulled over and
nailed with a big fine/exile/straight to bed with no dessert out of
ignorance (I'm already ignorant on too many other things, always looking
to whittle down the list ;-> !)

Any info would be appreciated...


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