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re: training: Horse won't go through water

Niccolai Murphy (niccom@aerostructures.com)
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>How do you get a horse to go through water, such as a stream,
>especially if no one else is around?

I use the same techinques used for trailer training with an extra care
for people safety if it is only a small stream as horses are apt to try
and jump those and you can get hurt in the process.

So in this case you have to be prepared to get at least your feet and
occasionally your butt wet. When training one particularly difficult
horse (my third that day with the same problem all belonging to the same
owner), I tripped over a submerged rock, she took off without me and I
ended up on my butt in the middle of the stream. She turned around at
the other bank and gave me a big horse laugh.

Check up the John Lyons or any other video tape or book on trailer
training and improvise on that, works well.

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